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Why We Separated Marketing and Brokerage Services

The reason is very simple; brokers and marketers think differently. 

Together they make a great team.  However, each role requires a unique skillset.  Both industries are trying to sell a product or service, but the process in getting there is completely different.  

Brokers, by nature, are analytical.  To be experts in their field, they need to have a clear grasp on market trends, financial and property valuation, contracts, and closing transactions.

Ultimately, the goal of each broker is to build relationships, present the best opportunity for their clients and facilitate a transaction.

For marketers, they are expected to be much more creative.  Although there is planning and research involved, in the end, the objective is to come up with new ideas in their ever-changing, tech-driven industry.

Marketers recognize that emotions often drive decisions. Their goal is to inspire whomever they are trying to reach.

Would you consider your real estate broker to be marketer? If you're not sure, we've put together this marketing checklist for you to find out. 



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