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What Every Building Owner Should Know

Being a building owner can at times be very difficult. As your broker, it is our job is to relieve the frustration and stress that comes with high vacancy rates, poor cash flow, and difficult tenants.

The Wind Water team has produced top results for our clients when it comes to selling or leasing their property. 


Wind Water Sale Difference

We've put together this report for you which shows the top transactions in Orange County this past year. This is very valuable information for building owners in the area. 

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And when it comes to leasing your available spaces, the facts listed below is what continues to make the Wind Water leasing team a top performer.


Wind Water Leasing Difference

More Direct Deals

  • 2/3 of our deals are done directly with the tenant and no outside broker (the fact that we are not relying on a broker to bring us a deal means that our presence is reaching the ideal audience for your building)

Less Time on Market

  • Our team averages less than 3 months between the execution of the listing agreement and the execution of a lease (from our observations, the average listing on Loopnet and CoStar have been sitting there for about six months)

Getting Higher Rates than our Competition

  • By using our process, we are able to strike deals within 3% of asking rate (this sets a high watermark on leases and sale rates for other buildings in the areas)

If you have any questions, you can email Mac Mace at mmace@windwater.com or call him directly at 949-922-9889. He will answer any questions you  might have regarding your building.  


To see all current listings, visit our website. 

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