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How to Adapt to Today's Real Estate Environment

While the commercial real estate industry fluctuates between a robust market and uncertainty, a firm can thrive during any conditions, as long as the right strategies are put in place.

In order to be resilient, commercial real estate firms need to have their digital marketing strategies ramped up as other traditional marketing channels are currently nearly non-existent.

To build a strong brand in today’s commercial real estate market, a company must have a strong digital marketing platform.

Rather than only meeting clients face-to-face to show them properties, a digital storefront creates digital interaction and broadens the audience. We have all been hearing about the disruption of the retail industry by online shopping. Properties need to be marketed to create the same level of brand awareness and brand image as a Macbook Pro or tailored suit on Suit Supply. Most CRE professionals post photos of their properties, and many are adding drone footage, but few are treating their properties as brands themselves. Listing a property on Loopnet/Costar and Crexi and placing a sign on the premises is not enough

Another powerful feature is scheduling property tours directly on your listing’s own landing page. In addition, having live, virtual tours for listings is a necessity today and moving forward. Not only will that help market your listing now while we are all homebound, but it allows a much wider market to see it. At WRE, we have set up WRE Live Virtual Tours for our properties, as well as any properties a client may want to see. One of our agents can visit the site live and answer your questions live, all from the comfort of your office or home.

While most commercial real estate firms have websites, few are optimizing their content to reach a broader audience. If the company website is a window into the company, how can a website stand out as exceptional? In addition to a nice website, there should be valuable, well-developed content to establish your company and team as thought leaders and experts in the industry. We go into more detail here. Nurturing those specific groups allows a firm to establish this exceptional expertise.

Email blasts from industry peers are sent out daily, the many emails received are saved into a folder or ten for when it may come in handy, if it isn’t forgotten - These emails need to be sent to segmented lists and workflows created. A firm works so diligently on building a database of contacts, making sure the right people are being targeted is crucial, not just hoping that person or group being targeted will see the email and reach out to once they read the email.  

At WindWater, we have known that traditional marketing is becoming obsolete for quite some time. No one could have ever expected it to happen overnight. Tools that other brokerages are just adopting have been part of our workflow for years. WRE is prepared. The most important things to consider today, in commercial real estate, is that we have all the resources to thrive during any conditions. We have many great tools at our fingertips to choose to make the most successful digital marketing platform possible. Commercial real estate firms need to continue to digitize their businesses, starting today. 

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