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Transform Your Property into a Digital Storefront

The eCommerce industry has completely transformed the way people search and shop online. 

At WindWater, we believe the eCommerce space is extremely valuable and can be applied to your real estate property. 

Don't stay stagnant with the traditional brokerage model when it comes to leasing or selling your property. 

Our approach gives you the opportunity to build a digital storefront that allows your real estate to become a 24/7 business that is open and accessible to the world of potential customers.

We have compared the traditional brokerage model to our WRE eCommerce approach when it comes to marketing your asset. 

Traditional Brokerage vs WRE



By the time a broker and a lead connect, a lot of valuable time has been lost. Most likely, the lead has moved on and pursued other opportunities if they feel they are being ignored. 

You shouldn't have to depend on one broker to market and manage your asset. See this Marketing Checklist we put together and find out if your broker is up-to-date with marketing trends.  

Contrary to the traditional brokerage model, our digital platform was designed to help alleviate those common pain-points that landlords and investors face: avoid vacancy or sell your building.


Working with many landlords and investors, we understand how busy you are and the obstacles you are facing. We believe your real estate should be performing for you. 

If you're ready to turn your real estate property into a 24/7, eCommerce machine, please send us an email at: team@windwater.com

Below is a list of benefits and features our platform offers when you onboard your property:


24/7 Platform 

No need to call or email a broker to get information

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 12.34.51 PM 


Schedule a Tour

Leads can schedule a day and time to see a property, and it's instant.  

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 5.03.50 PM

Built-In Map

The built-in map feature allows leads to see where your property is located and other surrounding amenities.

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 5.08.39 PM


Leads can interact with our programmed chat robot and ask questions about the property or chat live with a team member.

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 5.15.33 PM


Leads can download brochures, Offering Memorandums, and floor plans without having to ask for it.


Send Proposals

Leads can also send proposals without having to go through a broker.


Team Approach

When you onboard your property on our platform, you get our team working behind it, rather than a single broker/agent.


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