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Meet the New Real Estate Broker - An Expert in both Marketing and Real Estate

If you've dealt with real estate brokers before, you are probably aware that they are experts in many things, with the exception of digital marketing.

At WindWater, our brokers have evolved into a hybrid of both experienced real estate brokers and digital marketing experts. This is the future of real estate.

Our sales team is at the forefront of this movement, which provides a top-notch experience and incredible results for our clients and their real estate assets. The rest of the industry should take note, because real estate agents doubling as marketing experts is no longer an option. 

How windwater real estate agents are setting a new standard for the entire industry

1. Our agents have adopted and mastered our proprietary CRM and Marketing Platform

WindWater agents are fully certified and can navigate and utilize our platform to automate the sales process. 

Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform allows our brokers to maintain constant communication with a strong, updated database that is manageable and tracked in real-time. A CRM is an effective way to manage leads, contacts, and relationships with prospective customers. It also ensures that our agents are streamlining transactions and closing deals on time - which directly impacts your success. 

Our Marketing Platform has been fully customized for the real estate industry. This was no easy feat. It took years of research and development, testing and refinement to find the perfect algorithms, processes and tools that point to the best strategies to market properties and identify the most qualified leads.

Our goal is to keep improving our platform to shorten the real estate transaction cycle. The typical transaction cycle for commercial properties is about 6-8 months for a lease or sale transaction. That's a lot of time that our clients can't afford to spare. Our platform and process are unique and generate results because our agents can focus on what they do best - nurture leads and close deals.


2. They are constantly innovating their sales process

Everything from real-time reporting, lead updates, database segmentation and lead behaviors/interactions with our website and content are meaningful and purposeful. Our platform identifies these insights which allows our agents to strategize on how to best approach and nurture each individual lead. 

It's common for traditional brokers to send their properties to everyone in their database. This method is no longer effective. Our team understands how crucial it is to get the right message and properties to leads who have identified a very specific need and requirement.

For example, if a person in interested in buying office buildings and has specified this requirement, they should not be getting any industrial, retail or medical offerings. It doesn't make sense. 

A one-to-one sales approach adds a more personable and intentional touch. This makes a lead feel more valued and understood. 

Data is more important than ever before. Our team can confidently do their job based on key metrics that they analyze on a daily basis.


3. Our brokers work effectively as a team

True marketing agencies prioritize teamwork above all else, and we do too. At a traditional brokerage, a broker will not share information, contacts or leads with their colleagues. This is because they work on a commission structure based on their individual deals. With us, we identify the right opportunities and team players that will help maximize results. Right now, our current structure for every new assignment and project is as follows:

Account Manager: Has the relationship with the client and acts as the communication officer

Marketing Guru: This stakeholder starts putting campaigns and creative assets together

Inbound Engineer: This strategist is responsible for coming up with a sales plan that pulls leads in with valuable content creating trust, rather than pushing out a sales pitch.

Experienced Broker: This seasoned broker provides invaluable real estate knowledge.


Here's a fun visual our creative team put together to show you how the WindWater Real Estate (WRE) team, is setting a new standard for the real estate broker role - focused on digital marketing, technology and real estate, with a teamwork approach. 


We don’t promote agents, we promote your property.

At WindWater, our team approach is combined with a 24/7 digital engine. From sales to transactions, marketing, and development, our experts are working for you.

Our digital, proprietary platform allows us to capture, engage and educate audiences who are interested in our services and properties at all times. Combine that with our agents and marketing experts, you’re sure to maximize your results.

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