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Taps Brewery and Barrel Room is Almost Ready!

First ever Taps Brewery and Barrel Room set to open this month in Tustin

Word on the street is TAPS Brewery and Barrel Room will finally be opening their first brewery and tap room in Tustin, and we couldn't be more excited.

The new brewery will feature 16 TAPS beers on tap, plus bottled selections, along with four to six planned wine selections. The tasting room, bar and patio at TAPS Brewery & Barrel Room will accommodate a combined total of 84 guests. Draft beers (including TAPS specialty brews) will range from $5 to $9. Barrel-aged selections will run $15 and up.

You're probably wondering why we are making such a big deal out of this. Quick background, about a year ago, TAPS signed a lease to occupy over 19,000 SF of space at 15501 Red Hill Avenue in Tustin. This building is one of the many we represent in the area.

For us, we've been there since the beginning. We know what the space looked like before TAPS began construction. It's been an awesome experience to see the transformation evolve.

We recently started following TAPS Brewery and Barrel Room on Instagram, and they started dropping a few big hints
 these past couple of weeks.

First, they posted pictures of the new TAPS Brewery and Barrel Room Food Truck. To clarify, TAPS cannot serve food inside the brewery. Instead, they decided to start their own food truck service.


Some of the food truck menu items include:  

Nuclear Masa Fries
 – crispy handmade masa fries, bulgogi beef, kimchi, pico de gallo, gochujang crema, lime. 

A Bahn Mi-Mexi Dog - artisan roll, bacon wrapped pork sausage, pickled veg, jalapeño slivers, cilantro, ginger lemongrass aioli

Philimanti Cheese Steak – smoked ribeye, red ale pimiento cheese whiz, beef fat fries, peppadew slaw.

The second hint revealed new merchandise with the TAPS Brewery and Barrel Room logo.


The biggest teaser of  all was the sneak peek video announcing they will be opening this summer. The opening line reads, "Good things come to those who wait..."



Trust us, you will not be disappointed. You can definitely count on our team to be one of the first customers for the grand opening. If you feel like joining, please stop by. We'd love to share a brew and conversation with you.

If you want to learn more about why TAPS decided to open a Brewery and Barrel Room, why they chose a flex building in the Tustin Legacy, and what they plan on doing, read this article.

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