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Shooting from the Hip to Price Your Property?

I talk to dozens of property owners, daily, and 90% of them want to know what their property is worth today. During our conversation, I am faced with two options: 
  1. Shoot from the hip, and give them a value supported by information they provide or
  2. Offer a more informative opinion of value that is actually useful
The most important times to know the value of your property is when you are faced with a loan maturity or you need to sell.  I would not recommend waiting until this point to find a broker that will guess at what price you will want to hear. 
By getting regular opinions of value, you can track your property value and time your exit better.  A professional opinion of value from a broker should cost $500 to $1,000 depending on the complexity of your property.
These are questions you will want answered from the opinion of value:
  1. How does my property compare to what has sold and what is available?
  2. What buyer profile is most likely to purchase my property?
  3. What improvements could I make to enhance the value of my property?
  4. What would a lender value my property at?
  5. What would my property achieve in a competitive bidding process?


This report should take only 2 - 3 days if done by a market expert, and it is worth the small price to maximize value and time your exit strategy. 

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