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Shooting from the Hip to Price Your Property?

I talk to dozens of property owners, daily, and 90% of them want to know what their property is worth today. During our conversation, I am faced with two options: 
  1. Shoot from the hip, and give them a value supported by information they provide or
  2. Offer a more informative opinion of value that is actually useful
The most important times to know the value of your property is when you are faced with a loan maturity or you need to sell.  I would not recommend waiting until this point to find a broker that will guess at what price you will want to hear. 
By getting regular opinions of value, you can track your property value and time your exit better.  A professional opinion of value from a broker should cost $500 to $1,000 depending on the complexity of your property.
These are questions you will want answered from the opinion of value:
  1. How does my property compare to what has sold and what is available?
  2. What buyer profile is most likely to purchase my property?
  3. What improvements could I make to enhance the value of my property?
  4. What would a lender value my property at?
  5. What would my property achieve in a competitive bidding process?


This report should take only 2 - 3 days if done by a market expert, and it is worth the small price to maximize value and time your exit strategy.
Go ahead and call or send me an email if you are interested in a broker opinion of value: rrader@windwaterrealty.com   |   949.231.5022
If you're still not sure where you are in the decision process, check out my new ebook, "How To Sell Your Building Quickly."  Click on the image below to download.