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3 Essential Roles for Your Commercial Real Estate Team

You’re contemplating making a commercial real estate transaction and wondering where to start. You need real estate professionals to get the job done.

Finding a lucrative opportunity and winning the bid starts with building a powerhouse team.

As Orange County commercial real estate prices continue to climb, you need a few perspectives to assist you at each stage of the process — from selecting the right property, negotiating the deal and ironing out the details. 

In some cases, you will need separate people to guide you through each step. Or, you might have one person who can fill every role.  

Ensuring you have three core roles on your commercial real estate team will help set you up for success.

Building a successful Commercial Real Estate Team

Before going down the real estate transaction path, ensure you have people fulfilling these three roles:

1. Trusted Advisor

Your trusted advisor could be a best friend, family member or community friend who you’ll know well before and long after the transaction.

They have experience transacting commercial real estate and can manage the client and the team. They know how the brokerage world works and how the game is played. This is your quality control advisor.

It’s not always easy to find someone who is truly looking out for you or your company. At WindWater Real Estate, we often encounter people who have relied on a friend to broker a real estate deal for this reason. But when it comes to selecting prime investment opportunities, you also need proven market experts in your corner.

2. Market Expert

When recruiting your commercial real estate team, you want someone who knows the history of the players and property in the Orange County market.

They know what is available inside and out — and have a network to stay ahead of upcoming properties within your timeframe.

Your market expert will also have historical knowledge of pricing and be able to spot a strong deal and investment opportunity for you.

Most importantly, your market expert has a deep well of trusted professionals to help you at various stages of the deal — such as identifying investment opportunities, underwriting and negotiating the deal.

3. Transaction Expert

You’ve tapped your real estate experts and found the perfect commercial property.

But to succeed with buying commercial real estate, you need to effectively close the deal.

Your negotiator/closer should have experience with the properties and players you will be negotiating with. They can leverage their network and transaction record to get you the most favorable deal or put you ahead of your competition.

Beyond negotiating, your transaction expert should connect you with the proper administrative team and third-party vendors to handle each part of the transaction.

Purchasing commercial real estate in a competitive market like Orange County is a huge undertaking. Don’t work with just anyone.

By putting an experienced commercial team in place, you’ll be able to walk away confident that you’ve found the best deal and investment for your goals.

Ready to build your powerhouse commercial real estate team in Orange County? Give WindWater a call today.

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