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Marketing Your Real Estate Like Taylor Swift

 So many times, I see owners and agents take photos of a property with their iPhone and upload them on Loopnet or CoStar with a bunch of descriptive information. That is their first and last step of their marketing strategy, and then they just wait for the phones to ring! (This is not the way to go). 
Marketing real estate should be like marketing a new record album. 
When Taylor Swift cuts a new record, she doesn't just throw the songs all over the internet and hope people go to iTunes to download her album.  
Swift targets her high-profile fans, creating urgency and making them feel exclusive. By going this route, it creates more interest in her new songs, which leads to more downloads. If it works for Taylor Swift, it can most definitely work for us when it comes to real estate.
Start with the strongest pieces of information and deliver it to the most-likely buyers.  The last thing you want to do is put it on the internet for the masses.
You want the most-likely buyers to know your listing is exclusive, which makes them act quickly and feel important.
Here's a glimpse into our Taylor Swift marketing strategy at Wind Water Realty. If you follow these three simple steps, you are off to a good start:
  1. Create eye-catching professional marketing materials (brochures, email templates, landing pages, etc)
  2. Market the property to the highest probable buyers and agents 
  3. Once you expect offers or have them in-hand, then put the property on multiple listing services sites like CoStar and Loopnet
This may seem counterintuitive, but the most-likely buyers want to feel like they are seeing something before anyone else. These most-likely buyers lose interest once you show the property to everyone, and feel like their chances just got slimmer and will lose the opportunity....maybe like the last building they didn't get.
If you have priced the property right for the market and your goals, you shouldn't be concerned with how quickly you get an offer... 75% of the time, the first offers come from most-likely buyers, and if you hold off on listing the property online all at once, you will just get more offers of the same caliber.
At Wind Water,  we've seen this Taylor Swift marketing strategy work wonders for us. And that's why when it comes to marketing commercial properties, we've set ourselves apart. 
Download our ebook, "How To Sell Your Property Quickly," a guide for real estate owners on where to start when considering selling their real estate. 
Written by: Rob Rader, VP of Wind Water Realty