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Marketing Checklist: Is your real estate broker doing the following?

You wouldn’t hire a real estate broker to fix your car engine. So why would you hire them to do marketing?

Unfortunately, this is what we are seeing in the real estate industry.

Many real estate owners (whether they own a house or commercial property), believe that when hiring a broker, it includes marketing services. But that’s not true.

You probably hear it all the time from a broker, “Yes, I can do all the marketing,” or “We do digital marketing.”

But what does that even mean?

Many brokers believe that simply putting a flyer together, placing a sign on your property’s lawn and emailing their database is sufficient marketing. While that is partly true, those strategies are considered to be very traditional. They are not effective, especially in today’s digital world. 

Creative and marketing professionals are constantly learning the newest updates that various online tech platforms release in order to refine their skills and be effective at what they do.

Marketing has a direct correlation with your property’s performance. If your property is not getting online exposure, targeting the right audience, and you as an owner don’t have access to real-time data on how your property is performing, then it’s time to move your properties into the digital age, and into the hands of marketing professionals.

We’ve provided this Marketing Checklist ☑️so you can recognize how much a traditional real estate broker doesn’t know about marketing. 


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