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Innovative Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2020

Finding qualified tenants or buyers quickly is important to every commercial property owner or seller. A deliberate, well-designed marketing strategy can help with that.

But more importantly, effective property marketing can help you develop positive brand associations for your company and your properties. The ROI on this kind of marketing is challenging to measure, but over time, it becomes obvious: Companies with sterling reputations can list their properties at higher sale prices because buyers know they’re investing in quality buildings. And tenants are willing to pay a premium for high-quality space with great reviews.

Does your marketing strategy need polishing? WindWater’s team is full of innovative commercial real estate marketing ideas. We’d be thrilled to create a custom package detailed to your company’s needs.

Enhanced Branding: Make Your Mark as a Company

Enhanced branding starts with your visual presence. Your graphic design should be consistent across platforms, so that when potential customers catch a glimpse of your ads or listings, they know intuitively that they’re yours. Graphic design also telegraphs a general sense of your company’s personality — are you young, buttoned-up, ambitious, relaxed? Color palettes and fonts can give customers a feel for your personality before they interact with you.

Professional photography and video are essential to real estate marketing, too. Of course you want potential buyers and tenants to see your properties at their best. But videos and photos are full of stylistic choices, too. Like graphic design, the feel of your visuals expresses what type of company you are.

Graphic design, photography and video are all part of digital presence for real estate companies. Your website should, of course, be mobile-friendly, fast-loading and easy to navigate. It should feel consistent with the visual brand you’ve established. And it should include clear, straightforward summaries of the services you provide or the properties you’re listing, including floor plans. If prospective tenants will be using a property website or a mobile app to make payments and communicate with property managers, make sure their initial digital experience is a positive one.

When branding, prioritize your voice. Your content and visual branding should all feel like they’ve been written by the same person for the same audience — and defining your audience is a critical part of defining your brand, since you can’t speak effectively before you know who you’re speaking to.

That goes for your communications on social media platforms, too. Everything should feel authentic and consistent, and spoken in a way your target customer will feel innately comfortable with.

Lastly, be straightforward about the services your company offers. Customers appreciate clarity, and by providing it right away, you can establish your brand as an accessible one that respects your customers’ time and needs.

Internet Search Optimization: Make Your Domain an Authority

New entries to the commercial property market rarely have established relationships with brands, so the customer journey likely starts with Google searches for “office space” or “investing in commercial property.” Internet search optimization is about making sure people find your website near the top of those search results, and any that are pertinent to your brand.

To optimize your website, start with on-site SEO elements, such as linking from each page on the site to other pages. Make sure your site is fast-loading and mobile-friendly.

Then, create a keyword strategy based on what your potential customers are typing into Google or their search engines of choice. Strategically use those keywords around your site, especially in the content you create for visitors, to further develop your SEO.

Content Strategy: Engage Your Audience

Once potential customers find your website, you need to keep them there. Engaging, focused content shows web visitors that your team is knowledgeable and enthusiastic. It also establishes a relationship in which you can answer their questions before they even begin asking them.

To deepen that relationship, use gated, high-value content offers to determine a potential customer’s interests. Then, reach each group with segmented email marketing campaigns tailored to their interests. Write engaging, personalized branded content that feels relevant and informative to each segmented list so that readers develop a habit around opening your emails. The more they learn from you, the more likely they’ll be to seek you out when they need one-on-one expertise.

Sales Enablement: Maximize Efficiency for Your Sales Team

The purpose of real estate marketing is to widen the top of the sales funnel, so that more people move one step closer to eventually doing business with your real estate agents.

Each marketing campaign should include a sales enablement component. First, make sure your sales team understands your brand as thoroughly as your leadership does. Familiarize your existing team with your graphic design, content and audience research, and make sure to provide thorough onboarding for new agents.

Your graphic design and content marketing will give potential customers a feel for your brand. If their experience with your agents runs counter to their experience with your brand, they could feel confused or misled — the opposite of the end-to-end positive experience you’re designing.

WindWater exists to support real estate companies with designing and executing those end-to-end experiences. Our marketing experts work with commercial property leaders to create effective marketing campaigns tailored to their needs. From direct mail to internet search optimization and yard signs to mobile apps, we can help you set your brand apart.

Best of all: We’re a real estate company too. We understand better than anyone what commercial property owners need, because we buy, sell and list properties ourselves. That’s how we know our ideas work — we’ve used them ourselves.

Contact us today to talk about what a customized real estate marketing plan would look like for your company, so you can get the most out of your marketing efforts.

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