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How We Help Our Clients Find Office Space

It's exciting when you're looking for a new office. Feels like a fresh start, or having a clean slate. However, from our experience, we know it's hard to it alone. All the tasks, research and responsibilities that come with this endeavor, can be overwhelming and very time consuming. 

Why do people want to find a new office location?

  1. They can be frustrated with the efficiency of their office

  2. Business owners are unsure whether to renew their lease or to relocate

  3. Companies are looking to expand their workforce in amenity-rich areas (lots of restaurants, shopping centers, etc).

  4. Executives who feel their office doesn’t match their ideal brand image


If you can relate to any of these items, here's how we can help ease this process for you

1: Meet to Discuss Your Requirement

Our initial meeting will set the foundation to your leasing process. Some things we may discuss include:

  1. What office type works best for you (single story vs. high-rise)?

  2. Would a creative or traditional layout increase efficiency?

  3. Do your employee and clients live close by or do they commute?

  4. Are you better off renewing with more competitive terms than moving?

  5. Does it make sense to talk about purchasing instead of leasing?

2: Survey and Tour

After defining and tailoring your requirement, it’s time to tour available spaces. Seeing available space helps you determine whether or not your current location works for you. Exploring the market also helps us develop leverage to negotiate your lease renewal. All options will be presented.

When we find a space that works (or renew your current space), we submit our proposal and prepare for the final stages of negotiation.

3: Prep and Move-in

After our proposal is accepted and you submit your deposit, we work with the landlord to make sure the office is improved to your liking. Our team, along with property managers and contractors, make sure your improvement timeline is met.


How much does this cost?

Tenant representation is free to the tenant. The landlord pay ours fee for helping them find a strong credit tenant to lease their space.

What if I decide to stay where I am?

You can stay in your current space by renewing your lease. However, we recommend you take an active role in negotiating your lease. Our process helps put together an argument to your landlord.

What sort of financial information should I prepare?

Typically, landlords will want to see 2 years of tax returns, a profit and loss statement, and a current balance sheet. If you’re a new business, you may need to provide personal tax returns and the landlord may require you to personally guarantee your lease.

What is the ideal timeline for your process?

We typically recommend starting the process at a minimum of three months before your lease expiration. Ideally, we have nine months from start to finish.


If you want to set up a meeting, GREAT. We'd love to lean more about you and your company and how we can help. Go ahead and pick a day and time that works best. 

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