How to Submit a Maintenance Request: Step-by-Step Guide for Tenants

Wind Water uses TIKKIT as its maintenance request platform for all tenants. The platform makes it easier and faster for tenants to submit requests to our property management staff.

Below is a list of reasons of why tenants should use TIKKIT:

  1. Your request gets submitted and logged into the platform right away
  2. Our staff gets alerted immediately
  3. By using TIKKIT, this minimizes the risk of your request not getting immediate attention since it's not being sent by email or a phone call (we all know how cluttered our email inbox and voicemails can get)
  4. Vendors also use TIKKIT to communicate with our staff to get the request serviced
  5. TIKKIT has a message board where tenants and our staff can send instant messages (you get an email alert every time there's a new message)
  6. TIKKIT can be accessed on a mobile device. This allows our staff to be efficient whether they are in or out of the office
  7. Our staff can keep track of all requests
  8. Requests will not be closed until they are completely solved

It makes sense to start using TIKKIT. Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to set up an account so you can start sending your maintenance requests right away. Or scroll way to the bottom to watch the video tutorial. 



Create a new account by typing in the email you want to use. (Click on the image to go to the portal)




Check your email for a new message from TIKKIT and click on the green button to activate your account.





Start using TIKKIT. Be sure to bookmark or save the page for future requests.




You can also email your requests to windwaterrealty@tikkit.usThis is an alternative to going to the web portal. This method will still submit your request in TIKKIT. Some people like having this option.



That's it. You're all done and are now a TIKKIT pro, and hopefully, you don't have to use TIKKIT too often.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd be happy to walk you through TIKKIT and answer any questions.