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How brokers can use technology to talk to leads faster

Real estate transactions are moving online.  How can you leverage technology to provide a better experience for people looking at your properties?

In this post, we will cover 3 ways brokers can increase conversion rates and get in front of leads faster by utilizing readily available technology. 

Here is what the traditional model looks like:

Someone is interested in your property -  they call, but you're out on a tour, so it goes to voicemail. Unless your property is one-of-a-kind, the prospect moves on and calls the next owner/broker on their list.

Regardless, you need to return their call. Prospects are busy too and you may end up in their voicemail box. Or worse, they think you’re a robocaller and block your number. 

Want to skip this entire back-and-forth game and stop missing out on deals?

WindWater believes real estate should be transparent and efficient. The end-user, whether he or she is a real estate owner, investor or user should have a simple and efficient process for gathering property information and ultimately transacting on real estate. 

To help you minimize lost opportunities, we have formulated steps to help improve your reaction time, set appointments faster, and close more deals. 

3 Ways Brokers Can Use Tech to Talk to Leads Faster


Chatbots are a great way to instantly provide information to prospects while they are viewing your property online. You can program a chatbot to automatically respond to frequently asked questions such as asking price and touring instructions. By providing this information upfront, your chatbot can qualify leads for you.  If the asking price exceeds the prospect's budget, you will know immediately.

Is someone calling for a floor plan? Chatbots can also provide documents such as floor plans and offering memorandums.

If there is a question that the chatbot cannot answer, you can set a command for the chatbot to automatically connect the lead to a live person who would further assist that lead.  

Provide an option to schedule a tour online

While your marketing performance optimization (MPO) will attract people to your property listings, the ultimate goal is to get a qualified prospect to visit your property in person. 

By providing the ability to schedule a tour online, the prospect can find a time that works for them and sync with an agent in your office. This will dramatically cut down back and forth conversations between agents and prospects. 


How often do you pick up calls from unrecognized numbers? With the number of robocalls we all receive, it’s easy to hit the ignore button. Your prospects are likely doing this when you call them. What's worse, they probably aren’t listening to your voicemails either. Instead, have a process put in place to send texts to your prospects. 

If the number you are texting is a landline, you will be notified of this to give you the option to call the prospect. However, as businesses are transferring from traditional phones to voice over IP (VOIP) phones, texting landlines is less of a concern as most of these providers accept text messages (and even forward texts to the user’s email inbox). 

These are just a few ways to optimize reaction time to your real estate prospects. For a more detailed analysis of your marketing plan, schedule a time to talk with one of our WRE-X advisors by filling out the form below. 

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