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Golf for a Cause: Wind Water golfs in support of the Blind Children’s Learning Center

Earlier this week, the Wind Water team geared up for a golf tournament in support of the Blind Children’s Learning Center, a nonprofit organization that prepares children with visual impairments for a life of independence through early intervention, education and family support.


The charity golf tournament was held at the El Niguel Country Club in Laguna Niguel, and during the event, the Wind Water team had the pleasure of meeting other supporters and the wonderful employees who work with the children.

Wind_water-realty-blind_childrens_learning_center.jpgPictured here are some of Wind Water's Brokerage Team members. (Left to right: Rob Rader, Danny Baker and Mac Mace)

Wind Water’s  CEO Tibor Kelemen is a passionate supporter of the charity and says it’s an cause that is close to his heart.


“I had a childhood friend who is blind. Growing up together I got to fully understand the importance of giving blind children the resources they need to become successful and independent adults,” he said.



The Blind Children’s Learning Center has a school in North Tustin which serves all of Orange County. In addition to the annual golf charity tournament, the Wind Water team also participates in the Blind Children’s Learning Center annual 5K Walk for Independence.


Kelemen added, “Our sight is a beautiful thing. If you close your eyes for a moment, and imagine your sight was taken away, it really puts things into perspective.”




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