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3 Ways Consulting with a Real Estate Professional Can Enhance Your Investment Strategy

When it comes to real estate investing, there’s no substitute for experience. Investors should do plenty of research about their market, and with practice, can develop strategies for thinking like experienced investors. Turning to expert consultants allows investors to personalize that education. 

Real estate consulting services can help investors narrow their focus and articulate coherent investment strategies. The information they can share helps investors make prudent decisions. Then, over time, consultants can help investors put together portfolios that support their goals — from the first property to the fifteenth. 

At WindWater, we know from experience that the analysis we produce with state-of-the-art technologies help our investors generate real results. Our consultants offer data-driven insight and evidence to support investors while they focus on building their dream real estate portfolios

We put aside outdated real estate consulting tactics and use cutting-edge technology to do the research that gets results. 

1. Understand Your Market

Wise investment decisions begin with deeply understanding the local or regional market. The more an investor knows about the trends that affect the assets they’re interested in, the more carefully they can select properties that align with their investment strategy. 

At WindWater, we’re committed to enhancing traditional real estate research tools with cutting-edge data analysis. We help our clients understand the intricacies of the real estate landscape and current local market conditions, helping them understand where to invest and — more importantly — why to invest there. We know that investors often choose to specialize in certain neighborhoods or asset types, so we focus on helping them develop a thorough knowledge of their niche.

We also offer our real estate consulting clients a competitive analysis that helps them understand their position in the market. Our in-depth industry experience gives us the expertise to analyze competing portfolios, showing investors where their strengths are and where they could invest next to maximize the value of their portfolio. 

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2. Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio

It’s one thing to purchase your first or second investment property on your own, while you’re still getting your feet wet. But when it’s time to build a real estate investment portfolio that generates significant returns, talking to a consultant can be hugely helpful. 

Real estate consulting services can help you clearly identify your priorities as an investor and narrow your focus to the properties that will help you achieve your goals. They can share proprietary market analyses that highlight asset classes and neighborhoods where your dollars are likeliest to generate the returns you want. 

If your consultant offers brokerage services, they can even help you acquire properties that will move you in the right direction — maybe even before those properties are listed on the open market. They can negotiate a deal that prioritizes your needs, including structuring complex agreements like sale-leasebacks

Real estate investing can become emotional even for experienced investors. It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of a good deal or the excitement for the renovations you’re planning — in fact, the thrill is what drives some real estate investors to pursue property deals rather than investing in other asset classes. Real estate consultants can help temper that excitement with data and careful conversations about risk. Those critical moments of reflection can help save a lot of money and stress in the long run. 

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3. Get the Most Out of Your Investment Properties

Once you’ve identified your next property, experienced real estate consultants can help walk you through the deal and connect you to the resources you’ll need to successfully manage your property. 

A consultant who has seen dozens or hundreds of transactions will know exactly what to ask the seller or their broker to reveal any information they may not be required to disclose. They may even be able to recommend professionals who can support you during renovations or as you begin managing the property. 

WindWater’s real estate consulting services also include marketing clients’ properties. We know that for our real estate investors to maximize their returns, their properties should be fully leased and, when the time is right, sell for top dollar. Marketing is key to both. 

Our team is an experienced group of both marketing and real estate professionals who bring their highly specialized knowledge of real estate and property marketing to bear for our clients — telling their stories and delivering results. 

Start a Real Estate Consulting Relationship

If you know what you want to get out of real estate investing but haven’t yet built the portfolio you want, real estate consulting could give you the push you need. At WindWater, our consulting team is ready and waiting to dive in and learn more about your long-term real estate goals, then to help you discover the optimal plan for success.

Our team has years of experience in the real estate industry. We’ve worked alongside landlords and brokers alike, and we have the in-depth knowledge to help our clients build their real estate portfolios and get the most out of your investments. 

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