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Designer Trends you will be Seeing in 2018


Colorful Kitchens Will Be Big

Nina Magon predicts a shift from all white kitchens to a more colorful approach. "All white kitchens have been very popular and almost the norm for the past few years, but for 2018 we can expect to see an increase of color in kitchen designs from the cabinetry to the sink materials. Expect to see bolder color choices that range from natural neutrals to charcoal to sage providing a more chic and sophisticated alternative to modern homes. To complement the darker palette, we can also expect to see a shift from stainless and all white sinks to more color-rich materials such as copper, concrete, and granite."





Bold Color Booming in 2018

The team at H3K Design are among many designers who predict a return to bolder, saturated colors and jewel tones as illustrated in the tile work of this living room.





Blues and More With Impact

Designer Chad James agrees with the trend for more saturated color, such as deep, bold blues. "People are shifting towards a richer color palette. The rich colors trend began in 2017 and will continue into 2018, but in a bigger way."




A Botanical Palette

New York designer, Alan Tanksley, sees the color trend shifting toward a subtler color palette defined by nature. "Come out from under the unrelenting depths of forest green and other shady colors and step into a fresh spring palette of celadons, young birch bark, hyacinth violets and sky blues. That’s what I see coming our way!"




Bye Bye Brass, Hello Rose Gold

Count on brass being edged out by rosier tones, according to Michael Berman. "I'm spotting rose gold and copper accents popping up in everything from appliances to flatware. Adding touches of pink gold to your kitchen or bath can take a cold utilitarian space to the next level by bringing some modern glamour and warmth to our favorite spaces. Rose gold references the Jazz Age and Art Deco elegance."




Metallics Still Matter

For finishes, Leslie Hendrix Wood predicts the return of metallics. She sees the finish becoming more popular in everything from wallpaper to home accessories.




Open Plan Dining

Open dining rooms are in. Designer Cynthia Spence predicts an increase in building and remodeling around the concept of open dining rooms. She says this shift "creates a sense of flow throughout the space, and brings socializing back to the dinner table."




Imaginative Reuse

Chad James predicts a fun year ahead with the use of repurposed objects used in unexpected ways. Here vintage surfboards become doors for outdoor shower stalls.














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