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Are You Getting Results from Your Real Estate Marketing?

Real estate is still, in many ways, an old-fashioned industry. When landlords wanted tenants or sellers wanted buyers two decades ago, they had to post “Available” signs and share listings with private brokers’ networks. Their offerings had to match up with the needs of their fellow brokers’ clients. When they didn’t, properties sat on the market.

Today, real estate transactions don’t look much different. Most listings are online, but many are trapped in pay-to-play databases. Those that are public are often hard to navigate, lacking key pieces of information like the broker’s phone number. Marketing efforts are minimal, despite the known importance of a strong online presence.

The most surprising thing about this antiquated system is that most real estate professionals are unaware of how their properties are perceived by prospective leads. They don’t know how many potential tenants or buyers are seeing their listings, how interested they are, or what questions they have. Lacking this audience insight can negate a real estate professional's marketing efforts— it's nearly impossible to have an effective marketing strategy without knowing the needs of your target audience.

That’s why WindWater offers MPO - Marketing Performance Optimization – a CRE resource that empowers landlords and brokers to improve their properties’ online performance and enhance their commercial real estate marketing strategy.

Marketing Performance Optimization: What is it and why is it valuable?

MPO scores are based on three inputs: search, presentation, and accessibility. (To find out how this works, take our quiz and get a free MPO score.)

Search is pretty straightforward: How likely is a potential buyer or tenant to find your property while searching? Will they find it on the MLS, your website, or listing aggregators? Will they do so before they find another property that meets their needs? Being highly ranked in search results is essential for landlords and landlords.

Once leads find your property, they’ll probably scroll through your photo gallery. First impressions matter. Professional photos, floor plans, and enticing descriptions are key to showcasing the benefits of your property and helping a lead envision themselves there.

Finally, the MPO score evaluates accessibility. If a lead finds your property and is impressed by your presentation, they should be able to request more information in as few steps as possible. Once you’ve acquired a lead to this point, it would be a shame to lose them because they can’t find the broker’s or contact’s email address, or worse, they call and email the listing contact, but then an endless game of phone/email tag begins. How annoying is it to go back and forth, getting missed calls and voicemails, and email inboxes get full fast…. That’s why we ensure our marketing and sales process is automated to help qualify and nurture leads.

MPO scores are designed to tell you how likely leads are to find your listings. Learning your MPO score may disappoint you — it’s hard to see that your property is going unnoticed and not generating the results you expected or wanted. But the sooner you put this data into action, the sooner you’ll see your score improve.

Understanding your MPO score

As you examine the weaknesses in your MPO score, evaluate the team you have in place. Talk to your broker, marketing coordinator, property manager or other team members about any data points you don’t understand. If they don’t understand your questions or don’t know how to answer them, that may be a bad sign.

WindWater offers targeted support to improve your properties’ visibility. We style our firm as a marketing and real estate concierge — we will present you with all the information we have, then work with you to create a custom, data-informed plan for addressing those challenges.

Although we still offer traditional brokerage services, marketing is where we really stand out. After years of working with landlords and brokers, our CEO realized there was a dearth of creatives and marketing pros who knew how to apply digital marketing strategies to real estate marketing. Our technology-focused team has adapted best practices from other industries to the needs of our real estate clients: finding qualified buyers and tenants for their properties.

Once the WindWater marketing team gets to work, our clients see the difference immediately in the way properties are presented. The data also reflects these changes, as properties rank higher in search results and information about them becomes more accessible. The ROI is clear: Properties with optimal online presence attract more eyes, and more of those eyes belong to potential buyers and tenants. This concept is simple, yet many in the real estate industry have yet to develop this kind of marketing strategy.

What makes WindWater different-
Take a look at a recent MPO case study: The Parc in Irvine: 5 office buildings for sale for $55M.

What makes WindWater different?

In 2018, WindWater set out to solve the dated issues that hold back the entire real estate industry. Market or property information is not always available and accessible to everyone. Information can be difficult to obtain which isn’t fair to users outside of the real estate industry. WindWater’s technology and marketing platform gives clients the power to choose which real estate services they need and have whatever information they need at their fingertips. We’re here to set industry standards, not to follow them.

Additionally, WindWater operates both a brokerage and a marketing firm. As marketers, we recognize that it’s not just about acquiring customers — it’s about intentionally engaging them day after day. Our data-driven marketing team creates content and experiences for people in all corners of the real estate world.

Finally, WindWater is a team. Most brokerages are organized teams of individual agents, working for sales commissions and sometimes even competing with each other. That’s not how WindWater works. Each team member contributes where they excel. Our brokerage and marketing team work together to create plans that align perfectly with our clients’ goals. We are incentivized by results and relationships. We’re here to help our clients win the long game, not just make a quick deal.

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