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A Professional's Guide to Optimizing Your Property Listings

Marketing property starts online. In residential real estate, the vast majority of home searches begin online: Over 50% of buyers of all ages “frequently” used the internet to search for homes in 2017, and 93% of those 36 and younger did so, according to the National Association of Realtors. If your property isn’t online, most buyers simply won’t find it. 

Even if it is online, however; buyers may not find it — at least not right away. And if they do find it, it will most likely appear in a sea of other listings, meaning they may not click on it. 

For fast sales to qualified buyers or leases that fetch top dollar, owners need to make their properties rise to the top of the list and stand out once they’re there. 

To make your properties stand out, use keywords and search engine optimization strategies to push your properties to the front of the line, and use high-quality photos and high-tech visuals or videos to help potential buyers or tenants picture themselves in the space. 

Help Buyers Picture Themselves Here

Professional photography is essential to marketing property. If two listings appear side-by-side, one with two grainy, dark images and the other with 25 high-res photos, buyers will intuitively click on the second. That’s because investing in photography demonstrates pride in the property. The agent who took the time to upload those high-quality photos must want to show off this space, the buyer or potential tenant intuitively thinks. That’s a great way to start a transaction

Images should show the exterior of the property from a variety of angles, including any exterior assets like parking. Inside, make sure to show each part of the space tenants are likely to use. You can also use photography to show off the condition of the roof, HVAC systems, or break room. 

Photos offer buyers a high level of detail right off the bat. They demonstrate that you’re willing to share as much information as you can, and that you’re excited about showing this property to its next owner or tenant.

Consider High-Tech Options 

When luxury brands sell products, they invest in packaging and retail experiences that convey the same feeling of luxury, even though that’s not what the buyer is technically paying for. Jewelry wrapped in Tiffany blue or the perfectly polished Genius Bar at the Apple store help reinforce those brands as premium. 

Real estate can work the same way. If you’re marketing property that houses tech tenants, your listing should convey a cutting-edge feeling. Drone photography is an impressive way to show off a property’s location or the size of a campus. And 3D property tours can help buyers or tenants really picture themselves in a space.

Like professional photography, investing in these high-tech services demonstrates that a seller is deeply invested in a listing and excited to show it off. Buyers pick up on that sense of excitement, too.

Describe Your Property In Detail — and For SEO

The inner workings of search engines are a closely guarded secret — including, sometimes, to the engineers who design them. But marketers have turned search engine optimization into a detailed science. They can help you write detailed descriptions for your listings that are rich in searchable keywords, like “parking,” “walkable,” “open concept” or “tenants in place.” 

The description you use for marketing property shouldn’t read like it was written by artificial intelligence, of course. Write a thorough summary of everything your listing offers, including as many details as possible, such as number of parking spots or the average vacancy rate over the last year. The more detail you include here, the more confident buyers will feel about moving forward and contacting the seller. 

To enhance your SEO, you can also add keywords to the images you include in your listing. Search engines scrape image data, not just text, so use image file names and captions to your advantage. 

Leverage Your Online Presence to Advertise Your Listings 

Take advantage of the fact that your listing is online, not in a newspaper or magazine, by utilizing all the online resources at your disposal. A marketing professional can help you take the insights you’ve gleaned from your SEO research and turn them into digital ad buys on Google, LinkedIn, or wherever your potential buyers or tenants are. The more you know about your target buyers or tenants, the more narrowly you can target your advertising — by industry, by location, or by specific search terms. 

If you have a segmented email list and an online following, you can be marketing property constantly to buyers and real estate professionals who are already in your network. The more you know about each lead on your list, the likelier you’ll be to show them listings that are relevant to their immediate needs. And the more your list grows, the more you’ll find that when you help a seller list a property, you already have a buyer in mind. 

If you need some extra firepower to help you optimize your property listings, let’s talk. WindWater’s team of both marketing and real estate professionals bring their combined, highly specialized knowledge of real estate and property marketing to the work we do. 


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