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3 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Agency with Real Estate Experience To Market Your Property

In 2018, we began to invest in digital marketing platforms and resources that we found were extremely beneficial for our clients. 

Rather than withholding that information, we decided to make it accessible to all landlords who need marketing services for their real estate properties or businesses.

Below, we've outlined three reasons why it's easier for real estate professionals to work with us. 

#1: We Came from Brokerage

If you don’t know our company history, for the past ten years and to this day, we service our clients with traditional brokerage services. This includes tenant, buyer and seller representation.

There's no learning curve if you team up with us. We can hit the ground running.

#2: We Understand Your Needs

Our marketing team works with brokers and landlords every day. We’ve seen and heard it all.

We see first-hand how our brokers and landlords rely heavily on marketing to promote properties they are trying to lease or sell. They have great ideas, but at the end of the day, they need help implementing them.

Our own CEO is an investor with a large real estate portfolio. While he still utilizes traditional brokerage services, he felt as a landlord, that in some situations he would only need marketing services to gain digital exposure for his company or properties to generate leads.

Since there wasn’t a company out there that separated brokerage and marketing services, our CEO decided to make that part of our company DNA. He literally is in your shoes and understands both your frustrations and opportunities as real estate investor/landlord.

Learn more about why we separated brokerage and marketing services. 

#3: We Know Both Industries

Our experience in brokerage allowed us to observe what works and what can be improved. We have over 10 years of experience as a brokerage and have transacted on deals worth millions of dollars.

When it came to marketing, we’ve implemented cutting-edge technology platforms and strategies that are being utilized in other thriving industries and applied it to real estate.

Everything happens for a reason. We are grateful that we came from a brokerage background because it puts us in a better position to service our clients’ real estate needs. 

We aren’t reinventing the wheel, we are just perfecting it for real estate. Take a look at how we've transformed real estate properties into digital, eCommerce storefronts.

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